Guideline for the members of WWO Qur’an Hifz Program WhatsApp Group

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Logo of Quran.surfYou are required to send following kind of message to the members occasionally!.

  1. Our WhatsApp group “Holy Qur’an Hifz zone” stands for the girls students from Sa-adiya English Medium Residential Senior Secondary School. It sends page by page Holy Qur’an recitation videos to its members to provide an easy way to memorize The Holy Qur’an. We are following a study syllabus while sending page videos.

    [Change the above group name and membership term according to your group name and nature]

  2. You are requested to fully aware about the holy aim of this group and you need to strictly follow all instruction from the admin desk. Initially we request to give utmost respect on any portion of The Qur’an which is the word of Allah. You do not forward Quran videos to third party, regardless of their desire to receive them.
  3. We will send two Holy Qur’an page videos every week and it might be on every Friday and Monday. You need to copy the video file to separate folder by going your file manager app. So it prevents losing the video file when you cleared your chat boxes. We suggest using separate folders for each study set. The name of the folders can be as afs_01_pages, afs_02_pages … and afs_24_pages. Here the ‘afs’ is the abbreviation of reciter name ‘Mishary Al Afasi’. You can use ‘surah’ instead of ‘pages’ in the folder name when you are storing surah video files separately for each study set. If you are using this naming format for folders it will give you the right sort order according to their names.
  4. Repeatedly watching/hearing the video has the major role in memorizing on this program. So you need to use the apps to loop the video while practicing to memorize. Some apps are providing facility to hear the sound by running it in background. It is obviously useful as you are not at all necessary to watch always the screen.
    1. MX Player and VLC Media Player are the two video looping apps in Android smart phones. You can get more app choices from the Play Store.
    2. Loop2Learn, Loops — Your Personal Video Looper, Loop It — Looping Video & Gif Maker, Loopideo and CWG’s Video Loop Presenter are some of the video looping apps for iPhones. Find more app choices from the App Store.
    3. There are apps available in the Windows Store that allows you to loop your video indefinitely. MoliPlayer is one of them. Find more apps from Windows Store.
    4. Get google help
      1. Loop on Andorid:
      2. Loop on iPhone:
      3. Loop on windows:
  5. You are requested to spend minimum one or two hours every day to memorize the Qur’an portion by practicing yourselves. It is advisable to split the practicing time to two, three or more times per day.
  6. You need to post your recitation voice as per the instruction of admins.
  7. Always make your intention clear within yourself. The purpose of the memorization should be to please Allah. It should not be to gain the attention of people. Don’t forget to make Dua for retentiveness and Allah’s blessings to rescue from the attempts of Iblees (Shaythan) to give up the Qur’an memorization task. We also request to include in your Dua for them who created this program and them who caused to guide you to this program.
  8. The true efficacy of the Qur’an is only obtained when you reciting the Holy Quran along with attaining its essence (meaning and interpretation). You can adopt books and other kind of medias to gain it.
  9. You need to make a routine and follow it strictly. Watch and listen the recitation video with utmost attention. Recite yourself along with video recitation and independently. Repeat these things until the page get memorized. You also need to fill the track records sheets to analyze your activities in a proper way.
  10. Memorizing the Quran is never a rigorous task. It is an everyday adventure that brings you closer to self-consciousness. We must never think we cannot do it. Insha’Allah, we can accomplish anything we want to accomplish. The only thing stopping us is ourselves!
  11. If you are memorizing two pages weekly, you can complete the Hifz for 5 juzh in one year!
  12. You don’t forget to revise the old lessons occasionally to keep them in your memory. It is advisable to recite the memorized portion in your farz and sunnah salahs. You can also fruitfully utilize your idle time, which varies person to person, by remembering the memorized portion.
  13. While sending page videos we are providing necessary information. It includes a link to HD videos by multiple reciters for that specific page. Whoever desires more recitation, they can follow the link.

    [Admins can copy above kind of ‘page info’ text from:]

  14. You should not send/share any message to this group other than current “Hifz Study Set” related things, issues or doubts.
  15. Admin has full right to suspend or remove the member who is not followed the admins’ instruction and them who violate our instruction are fully liable themselves for any kind of consequences.
  16. Kindly pass the information about this useful group to your friend from our school [Change this details according to your group nature] and ask them to send their name and place to admins WhatsApp number to join this program. Admins has freedom to accept or reject new application to join.

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