Salah Bukhatir | playlist for all surahs HD videos

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Logo of Quran.surfWe are providing here all surahs HD videos playlist that recited by Salah Bukhatir. The Qur’an is showing in full-screen as per the print copy of Mus’haf. You need to click [ ] on this icon on video to watch it in full screen. It highlights the Qur’an text portion along with the beautiful and heart shuddering recitation. So it gives a great way to them who desire to learn Qur’an recitation perfectly.

Short URLs for surah by surah playlists:

More HD Videos recited by Salah Bukhatir

By using the easily recognizable short URL:, you can access our individual video posts for the reciter Salah Bukhatir. Kindly notice the end portion of the URL. It is ‘bktr’. It is the shortcode for Salah Bukhatir. If you know the shortcode of any portion of Qur’an from, you can easily access the ‘Salah Bukhatir’ recited video for that portion by adding the portion code along with reciter code. Anybody can understand the respective portion shortcode from the description of any of our individual video post. Suppose ‘s1’ stand for Surah 001 Al-Fatiha. Then the Al-Fatiha post URL for Salah Bukhatir is The code ‘1’ stands for the page 1 of the Qur’an print copy of Mus’haf. So the short URL for the Qur’an page 1 recitation post for Salah Bukhatir will be end as ‘/bktr-1/’. These kinds of short URL will be valid only for the available posts. Kindly subscribe our YouTube channel or fill the subscription form to get the notification on our latest posts. To know more about easy navigation options kindly click here.

Individual Video Post Links for Salah Bukhatir

Surah Posts

Aya Posts

When we are adding page videos for Holy Quran recitation by Salah Bukhatir, we will automatically add its link here. Once completed the page videos for the reciter, Insha’Allah, we will add the numbered link on this page.

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