Why does Quran.surf need support?

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Why does Quran.surf need support? For smooth flow, this page has been given the following subheadings:

Introduction to Quran.surf: An initiative that seems to be run by a major Islamic institution!

Are you aware of the extensive Quran recitation video collection already prepared by Quran.surf? Do you know the uniqueness of playlist collections made with them? If you know about these, you will surely say, “This is in the structure and cohesion run by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of any Muslim country or any prominent Islamic institution!”

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the world, who has chosen me to do such a service initiative for the Holy Qur’an. Alhamdulillah! The most extensive video / playlist collections highlighting Quranic texts along with beautiful Holy Quran recitation is unmatched in history. Please refer to the links below to know more about these.

Driven by sacred goal. It continues without ad support.

Quran.surf has not included ads or activated monetization as it is working with some sacred purpose. But many recitation sounds copyrighted by third parties are used under their rights and in such places YouTube ads may be displayed on the video for their benefit. Such a compromise was also necessary to make these types of videos available along with recitation by world famous reciters. This historical creation would never have been possible if only financial gains through advertisements were the goal!

This is result of the continuous effort by forgetting myself!

It has been an ardent desire of mine to create several sets of videos highlighting Quranic texts with recitations by many world-renowned Quranic reciters. By the grace of Allah, I have been working hard to achieve it for the past six years.

For that, I got a special room and time facility in the company I worked for. So, despite the relatively meager salary, I stayed there. As a balance sheet, many obligations remain ahead. But making video / video playlist collections for the Holy Quran unparalleled in history gives me great satisfaction.

Alhamdulillah, from the 4444th video, Quran.surf intitiated another great initiation! It is the vertical video section. According to the explanation here about the vertical screen usage, this new portion has multiple importance than the horizontal one. In the current scenario, it may take several years to complete the first set of vertical videos as per the explanation given here. Now I am not in a good situation to make more videos every day. Anyway, no matter how bad the situation is, it is my great desire to do at least one Qur’an video every day.

Big goals to conquer; see the list of reciters!

I have already been collected all surah recitation audios of the following world renowned reciters. 1 – Abdul Aziz Al-Ahmad, 2 – Abdul Aziz Al-Zahrani, 3 – Abdul Barbi Al-Thabiti, 4 – Abdul Bari Muhammad, 5 – Abdul Hadi Ahmed Kanakri, 6 – Abdul Mohsen Al Qasim, 7 – Abdul Muhsin Al-Harthi, 8 – Abdul Muhsin Al-Obaikan, 9 – Abdul Rahman Al-Majed, 10 – Abdul Rahman Aloosi, 11 – Abdul Rahman Al-Shahat, 12 – Abdul Rasheed Soufi, 13 – Abdul Wadood Haneef, 14 – Abdulbasit Abdulsamad, 15 – Abdullah Abdal, 16 – Abdullah Al-Kandari, 17 – Abdullah Al-Khalaf, 18 – Abdullah Al-Mattrod, 19 – Abdullah Awad Al-Juhani, 20 – Abdullah Basfer, 21 – Abdullah bin Aoun, 22 – Abdullah Ghailan, 23 – Abdullah Kamel, 24 – Abdullah Khayyat, 25 – Abdulrahman Alsudaes, 26 – Adel Al-Khalbani, 27 – Adel Ryyan, 28 – Ahmad Al-Ajmi, 29 – Ahmad Al-Hawashi, 30 – Ahmad Deban, 31 – Ahmad Issa Al Ma-asaraawi, 32 – Ahmad Nauina, 33 – Ahmad Saber, 34 – Ahmed Al-Suwailem, 35 – Ahmed Al-Trabulsi, 36 – Ahmed Amer, 37 – Ahmed Khaleel Shaheen, 38 – Akram Al-Alaqmi, 39 – Al-Ayoon Al-Kooshi, 40 – Al-Fatih Muhammad Al-Zubair, 41 – Ali Alhuthaifi, 42 – Ali Hajjaj Al-Suwaisi, 43 – Ali Jaber, 44 – Al-Qaria Yassen, 45 – Badar Al-Turki, 46 – Bandar Balilah, 47 – Dokkali Muhammad Al-Alam, 48 – Faris Abbad, 49 – Fouad Al-Khameri, 50 – Hani Arrifai, 51 – Hashim Abu Dalal, 52 – Hassan Saleh, 53 – Hatem Fareed Alwaer, 54 – Ibrahim Al-Akdar, 55 – Ibrahim Al-Dossary, 56 – Ibrahim Al-Jarmi, 57 – Ibrahim Kshidan, 58 – Imad Zuhair Hafez, 59 – Jam-aan Al-Asimi, 60 – Jamal Shaker Abdullah, 61 – Khaled Al-Qahtani, 62 – Khalid Abdul Kafi, 63 – Khalid Al-Jaleel, 64 – Khalid Al-Muhana, 65 – Khalid Kareem Muhammadi, 66 – Khalifa Al-thunaiji, 67 – Maher Al Meaqli, 68 – Maher Shakhashiro, 69 – Mahmood Al-Rifai, 70 – Mahmood Al-Sheimy, 71 – Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna, 72 – Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary, 73 – Majid Al-Zamil, 74 – Mal-Allah Abdul Rahman Al-Jaber, 75 – Marwan Al-Akri, 76 – Mishary Al Afasi, 77 – Moeedh Alharthi, 78 – Mohammad Al-Tablaway, 79 – Mohammed Usman Khan, 80 – Muftah Al-Sulthany, 81 – Muhammad Abdul Hakim Saeed Al-Abdullah, 82 – Muhammad Abdul Kareem, 83 – Muhammad Abu Sneina, 84 – Muhammad Al-Amin Qeniwa, 85 – Muhammad Al-Lahidan, 86 – Muhammad Ayyub, 87 – Muhammad Jibreel, 88 – Muhammad Rashad Al-Shareef, 89 – Muhammad Saayed, 90 – Muhammad Salih Alam Shah, 91 – Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi, 92 – Musa Bilal, 93 – Mustafa Al-Lahoni, 94 – Mustafa Ismail, 95 – Mustafa Raad Al-Azawi, 96 – Nabil Al Rifay, 97 – Nasser Al-Majid, 98 – Nasser Al-Qattami, 99 – Nazir Al-Maliki, 100 – Neamah Al-Hassan, 101 – Noreen Muhammad Siddiq, 102 – Omar Al-Qazabri, 103 – Peshawa Qadr Al-Kurdi, 104 – Rami Al-Deais, 105 – Rashid Belalya, 106 – Saad Al-Ghamdi, 107 – Saad Al-Mqran, 108 – Saber Abdul Hakam, 109 – Sahl Yaseen, 110 – Salah Al-Budair, 111 – Salah Al-Hashim, 112 – Salah Bukhatir, 113 – Saleh Al-Habadan, 114 – Saleh Al-Shamrani, 115 – Salman Al-Siddiq, 116 – Saud Al-Shuraim, 117 – Sayed Ahmad Hashemi, 118 – Sayeed Ramadan, 119 – Shaik Abu Bakr Al Shatri, 120 – Shirazad Abdul Rahman Thahir, 121 – Tariq Abdul Gani dawoob, 122 – Tawfeeq As-Sayegh, 123 – Wadeea Al-Yamani, 124 – Waleed Al-Naihi, 125 – Yahya Hawwa, 126 – Yasar Al-Mazroui , 127 – Yasar Salamah, 128 – Yasser Al-Dosari, 129 – Yasser Al-Qurashi, 130 – Yousef Al-Shuwai, 131 – Yousef Bin Noah Ahmad, 132 – Zain Muhammad Ahmed and 133 – Zaki Daghistani

InshaAllah, this list will surely increase in the future. This list definitely needs to be updated to include the names of the new generation of melodious reciters. If it can complete surah videos for most of these reciters, it will be very satisfiable for them who like the voices of different reciters. As a mere person, there has very much limitation for me to complete them. Especially in my situation today. A great support is very essential for the smooth progress of this endeavor.

We uses our own basic elements in our vertical video section that are unmatched anywhere else. So it maintains a high level of clarity when comparing horizontal videos. So there can be produce high-quality 4k and 8k videos by following this method. In today’s situation, it is unthinkable to extend the operation to such a area. I know that some financially capable hands need to join this venture to achieve such great goals.

Hopefully this will be recognized as something to be encouraged!

There are over 4700 videos highlighting Quranic text portion along with beautiful recitations by world renowned Quran reciters. Each video has eight unique features, including this feature of highlighting text. There are also separate playlists for all 114 surahs with videos of more than 16 reciters. Apart from this there are special video playlists for all 604 pages based on the pages of the Mushaf in Rasm Usmani script which is the most popular today. There are also playlists for specific verses like ‘Ayatul Kursi’ and ‘Amana Rasool’. Another big attraction is the reciter level playlists which include ‘all 114 surah videos’, ‘all 604 page videos’ and ‘every juzh page videos’. The vertical video section is now entering as a great alternative to this collection which has no equal anywhere in the history till date. Insha Allah, playlists are coming in vertical video section similarly to all playlists in horizontal video section.

It is hoped that the dedicated efforts behind this initiative will reach the stage of recognition at official levels in due course. When it is accepted as exemplary and to be encouraged, it will certainly give way to revolutionary advances; InshaAllah!

I expect a great support call from a GCC country!

A lot of news has been heard from the Middle East which has unreservedly supported such great initiatives. That is very promising. If this great initiative put forward by Quran.surf reaches the ears of the deserving people, there is no way that it cannot happen here as well. If you can intervene in this matter, you will be the cause of all the blessings that come with it!

So I am expecting a great support call from any of the GCC country that have a tradition of providing unparalleled support to these kind of great causes. I am hoping for a support that will either change my current situation or be sufficient to undertake all these things on their own.

Some of my attempts to change the situation

Without clinging to the above expectations, I am making some efforts on my own to change the current situation. The first option is four dot com domain names that I have had for over 20 years. The first name is www.dubaicitycentre.com. It is a very valuable dot com domain for Dubai. I also own its twin name www.dubaicitycenter.com. It seems that no one needs to be enlightened on the growing importance of these dot com names in Dubai, representing the city center of Dubai.

Similar to this is the significance of the dot com names www.onlinecitycentre.com and www.onlinecitycenter.com in each city centre. I have owned these for years but have not been able to use them commercially. These names surely become big resource to significantly increase the business income for realestate, advertising, digital marketing or equivalent business divisions. So I have started trying to find a company to use these names commercially or sell them to someone who wanted them.

I am also trying to find a job providing accounting services for a few hours each day. So I expect, I can use the rest of the time to make Qur’an videos. For this, the link of my CV is being forwarded to many people.

The hope is that Allah will open the way to run towards the goal; Maybe you can help me with that too!

It is only with the unwavering support and encouragement of Almighty Allah that I, the common man, have crossed such crucial initial stages. I hope that by changing the current situation the obstacle to the forward movement will be removed and a way will be opened and the Almighty Allah will bless me to achieve this goal. When this goal comes true, Insha Allah, it will be very beneficial for millions of people and will become a great repository for comparative study of Quranic recitations and it will produce thousands of Hafizes via ‘World Wide Online Quran Hifz Program’ (WWOQHP). Insha Allah, It is clear that the uniqueness and quality of Quran.surf videos and playlists will help to achieve these goals.

To get a right situation change, you may able to interfere on it. If you can pass this message on to someone who deserves it, please do so and I humbly ask that your prayers will always be a great support for these efforts.

With thanks and regards,
Khaleel Rahman Abdul Khadar
(An Indian National from the Kerala state)
Dubai, UAE.
Mobile: +971 58 5731 386
WhatsApp: +919895715775, +919496409386
Feedback: www.quran.surf/contact-us/
Email: surfquran @ gmail.com
Website: www.quran.surf
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/QuranSurf
Android App: www.quran.surf/app/

Updated this web page on: Apr 06, 2024

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