Analysis/Progress Chart for the Self Study on World Wide Online Qur’an Hifz Program – WWOQHP

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Download (PDF, 3.13MB)

  • This PDF file has 61 pages length in A4 size. You need to take a printout of these pages and keep them on a folding file. Alternatively you can draw similar kind of chart on a notebook and can use it to track your progress.
  • The first part of this report is for individual pages. It covered 56 pages from 61 pages. Qur’an page numbers are ordered here according to our study syllabus and hifz study sets. Now have a look on this part: (Sample view)
  • We are using some abbreviation on this report. Those are: SN* = Study set number | SS* = Sequence on study set | OS* = Overall sequence | IJ* =included Juzh | FA* = First Aya | LA* = Last Aya | ** = Surah continued from last page and end on this page | C* = Count (Recitation – number of times ) | T* = Read translation/interpretation in your native language – number of times
  • It has to fill three rows for every page line. Memorizing the entire Qur’an is not a single time process for each page. Whenever repeating the page you can use second and third rows.
  • Second part of this report is for page level hifz date. It gives a summarized idea on progression of memorizing Qur’an pages. Have a look on this part:
  • The last part of this report is monthly hifz summary. You need to fill it after each month. It looks like:
  • If you are properly using “Analysis/Progress Chart”, it will give best progress on memorization of Holy Qur’an

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