Holy Qur’an Vertical Videos

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Kindly go through the following parts to learn more about Quran.surf vertical video section.

Multiple importance of vertical video

horizontal-vs-vertical-usage-time-percentageAccording to a recent study, mobile phone has 75% of the usage share worldwide, while desktop/laptop is only 25% of the total! Meanwhile, it found that smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94% of the time. In this case, anyone can understand the multiple importance of vertical video when compared to horizontal one!

Vertical videos for Holy Quran are a genuine concept by Quran.surf. There has not at all a pre-model for this idea. There was a simple intention in my mind to make vertical videos at the time of the inception of Quran.surf. But when I completed more than 4,400 horizontal videos, Allah the Almighty gave me a strong sense of vertical videos and gave me ideas about them. Alhamdulillah, from the 4444th video, Quran.surf intitiated vertical video section. It really comes as a major half portion of Quran.surf. According to above explanation about vertical screen usage, this new portion has multiple importances than the earlier one. To see the sample vertical videos kindly scrole its category from here or scroll down this webpage!

It is a great alternative for our videos and video playlists!

Kindly refer ABCD of Quran.suf. It mainly refers various aspects of horizontal video section. I like to do more than that one for the vertical video section. So it needs to complete several sets of complete surahs and pages videos. So you can expect vertical video sets of playlists for each surah, each page, certain ayat such as Ayatul Kursi, all surahs, all pages and for each juzh as shown in horizontal video section. I already have taken necessary initial setup to meet these kinds of requirements. So I have add most of necessary short links, next and previous links on posts. Correct redirection of these links only applies after completed all of the surah/page vertical videos for the related reciter.

Driven by sacred goal. It continues without ad support.

This portion has been moved to the page “Why does Quran.surf need support?“.

Boundless goals lie ahead.

According to the collected Qur’an recitation voices, more than 15000 surah videos and more than 80000 page videos can be generated for each directional video section. The said recitation audio collection may increase in the future.

To know more about this topic kindly refer more details from here. Name information of more than 130 reciters is also added here. We have already collected their recitation audios of all Surahs for video making.

The current situation of not being able to be more active frustrates me.

It is very important for me to stay in a job as I have no other way to support myself and my family. Meantime, it is my utmost desire to do more in the field of video of the Holy Quran. But my current situation does not allow them to be pursued well. Now it does not allow me to find more time to do this as before.

More details on this portion has been moved to the page “Why does Quran.surf need support?“. Kindly scroll there to find it.

How long it will take to complete one full set of vertical videos?

It is my great ambition to make at least one Quran recitation video one day no matter what the situation is. By the great grace of Allah it has been going on for many years. There is no intention of abandoning horizontal video while vertical video has begun. In today’s scenario, both are meant to go hand in hand. The plan is to publish a horizontal video one day and release a vertical video the next day.

When post a new video, it provide two important links. Those for “more reciters’ videos for the related surah or page” and “more videos by the related reciter”. For these to be true links, video sets of at least two reciters need to go together. At the same time, videos of surahs and pages will be taken together on interspersed days. Over twelve thousand images had to be created to complete the entire set of vertical videos.

If add up these facts it will be like this. There will be 1208 videos in two sets of pages and 228 videos in two sets of Surahs. It will take about eight years to complete them when each of them publishes on alternate days! Vertical videos launched on Aug 15, 2023 as the 4444th video of Quran.surf. The length of time it takes to complete its first sets is becomes as a painful reminder. What else can I do in my current situation? By knowing this bitter truth I try to be patient by keeping my sorrows inside. Then I try as much as possible to change the present circumstances.

You may also make an intervention to make all of this happen very quickly. To know more: Why does Quran.surf need support?

Sample vertical video playlists

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Surah 113 Al-Falaq | Text Highlighting Vertical Videos on Holy Qur’an Recitation

Surah 114 An-Nas | Text Highlighting Vertical Videos on Holy Qur’an Recitation

More vertical video playlists

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