Holy Qur’an Page 096 | Salah Bukhatir | Horizontal video highlighting the Quranic text with recitation

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Logo of Quran.surfYou are now watching a beautiful HD horizontal video of the Holy Qur’an Page 96. This is a video highlighting the Quranic text with an attractive recitation by Salah Bukhatir. Quran.surf horizontal videos are generally show only five lines of Quran text on one screen. It follows the page layout of the printed version of the Mus’haf (Rasm Uthmani). It can be viewed well on small mobile screens and large projector screens. So it gives a great way for those who want to listen, learn or teach the recitation of the Qur’an well. Our page-level videos are very useful for the comparison study on different recitations. These videos are the main resource for our “World Wide Online Qur’an Memorization Program.”

Holy Qur’an page 96 – General information

  • Included in: Juzh 5
  • The first verse: Surah An-Nisa’ – Aya 106 (Waistaghfiri Allaha inna Allaha kana …)
  • The last verse: Surah An-Nisa’ – Aya 113 (… wakana fadlu Allahi AAalayka AAatheeman)

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Holy Qur'an Page 096 | Salah Bukhatir | Text highlighting horizontal video on Holy Quran Recitation

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Some important footnotes

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