Amana Rasul HD videos playlist by multiple reciters

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Logo of Quran.surfThe above playlist contained HD videos for Holy Quran special aya ‘Amana Rasul’. The videos are recited by different world famous reciters. You can choose a reciter by clicking on three small horizontal line that shown on right top part of the video. Whenever we adding new videos for Amana Rasul, this playlist will be updated automatically. Here the Qur’an is showing in full-screen as per the print copy of Mus’haf. You need to click [ ] on this icon on video to watch it in full screen. The video highlights the Qur’an text portion along with the beautiful recitation. So it gives a great way for kids and others to learn the Qur’an easily.

You can access our page for Amana Rasul by using the easily recognizable short URL: Kindly notice the end portion of the URL. It is ‘a3’. It is the shortcode for Amana Rasul. If you know the shortcode of any reciter from, you can easily access the ‘Amana Rasul’ for that reciter by adding the aya code along with reciter code. Anybody can understand the respective reciter code from the description portion of any of our post. Suppose ‘afs’ is the code for the reciter Mishary Al Afasi. Then the Amana Rasul post URL for Mishary Al Afasi is These kinds of short URL will be valid only for the available posts. Kindly subscribe our YouTube channel or fill the subscription form to get the notification on our latest posts. To know more about easy navigation options kindly click here.

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