5 kinds of YouTube playlists for HD videos of Holy Quran Recitation

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Logo of Quran.surfAll of the videos those included on these playlists are highlighting the Quran text along with recitation. The displaying text in the video is similar to the print version of the Qur’an. Here, there are only five lines on a screen. It gives very best view when you watch the video in fullscreen. It provides very comfortable view on smartphones as well as large projector screens. These are very useful for studying and teaching recitation. These are also very helpful for analytical study on different styles of recitations. There has short links for each video and playlist. Those are self recognizable and easy to remember.

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Type 1. Special playlist for each surah in Holy Quran.

These contains videos from many reciters. This group has 114 playlists.

Type 2. Special playlist for each Qur’an reciters (All surah videos)

There are 114 videos in each playlist. (There are currently 6 playlists in this group)

Type 3. Special playlist for each page in Holy Quran.

These contains videos of multiple reciters. This group has 604 playlists.

Type 4. Special playlist for each Qur’an reciters (All page videos)

There are 604 videos in each playlist. (There are currently 2 playlists in this group)

Type 5. Separate playlist for special ayats (as like ‘Ayatul Kursi’) on Holy Quran.

Those contains videos from many reciters (There are currently 2 playlists in this group).

‘World Wide Online Quran Hifz Program – WWOQHP’ is also done using page level videos. There are two methods for this: ‘Self Study’ and ‘Guide to Learn’. Those who qualify can run the ‘Guide to Learn’ method through WhatsApp groups. Online study course can be conduct by sending members the light version of the page videos at regular intervals. This is a great online project to make thousands of people memorize the Holy Qur’an. Kindly refer www.quran.surf/online/ to know more about WWOQHP.

The types of playlists 1, 3 and 5 mentioned above are regularly updated by adding new videos to them. Type 2 and 4 of playlist groups are updating by adding new playlists to them. The number of videos will exponentially increase if the D-4 point in ABCD of Quran.surf is considered appropriately by concerned authorities. Click here to know about ABCD of Quran.surf: www.quran.surf/abcd/

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Finally, requesting you to pray for them who behind these useful videos and all the supporters, including those who shared this message.

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